The iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™: making the world a better place.™

The iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ provides a multitude of benefits for law enforcement agencies, transit authorities, and even schools:
  • Pass the "random" clause in most jurisdictions' random search/seizure laws
  • Take personal bias out of the equation
  • Keep logs of positive/negative results for both analysis and legal records
  • Set the frequency at which a search is triggered
  • Customize the device for your specific needs through the use of accessories
How It Works:
Using the
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ couldn't be easier. Simply point the device at each prospective search target and press the large, friendly button. The display will then indicate whether the person should be searched.
If a person should be allowed to pass, the display reads "Terrorist?" to remind the officer that anyone could be a threat, even if they are not chosen for a search on that occasion. If the display reads "!!!TERRORIST!!!" then a search should be conducted immediately.

Negative / No-search result display


Positive / Search result display

The iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ is pre-set at the agency headquarters or field office with a specific frequency used in the determination of search-target positives. This frequency influences, but does not dictate, how often a positive is produced. Over time, and with a sufficient number of tests, the overall frequency of positives will correspond with the frequency set by the agency. This distinction is important in adhering to the "random" exception in many jurisdictions' case law regarding non-probable-cause searches.
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ can be configured to log its data for later analysis and for legal record keeping. In addition, you can extend and customize the iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ through a line of carefully designed accessories.