iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ Accessories

Panic Button:
Our most popular accessory! The Panic Button allows an officer to override the built-in
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ random determination function and force a positive result. This allows officers to use their own judgement in sizing up a potential target and take into account important metrics such as race, gender, clothing and general demeanor when determining whether a non-probable-cause search is warranted. Now, due to popular demand, the Panic Button produces a standard log entry when logging is enabled. It appears just as if the iSrch Rndmzr 3000! ™ generated the positive result directly!
Alternative Lifestyle Sensor:
Currently in development
The Alternative Lifestyle Sensor aims to allow the
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ to take into account any abnormal lifestyle traits exhibited by the target, such as unusual clothing, an aire of femininity (if male) or masculinity (if female), long hair (if male), excessive jewelry or piercing, and presence of a goatee. Beta testers wanted. Please contact us!
Skin Tone Sensor:
The Skin Tone Sensor allows the
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ to calculate a search/no-search result while taking into account the color of the skin of the target.
Pre-set from the factory to automatically increase the odds of a positive result the darker the target's skin, the Skin Tone Sensor can be adjusted to become more sensitive until anyone darker than a sheet of paper will automatically trigger a positive.
Accent Detector:
Often used in cases where the Skin Tone Sensor is not practical, this accessory for the
iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™ increases the chances of a positive result based on the accent of the target. The stronger the accent, the more likely a positive result will be generated. Specify "American Generic", "American Southern", or "British" when ordering. Note: The "British" model still recognizes Scottish and Irish as having distinct, strong accents. Most customers consider this a benefit.
Does your agency or institution need a different accessory for the iSrch Rndmzr 3000!™? We can help! Our engineers are standing by to help you make our world a safer place. Contact us with your ideas today!